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Beef Bones

Other Real Bones


Bones can be a great chew treat for your dog. Bones help clean teeth,
and provide hours of pleasure for dogs. Care must be taken when giving
bones to dogs. Some dogs, because they are aggressive chewers, should
never be given bones. Make sure you get the right type of bone for your
dog, smaller bones for smaller dogs and larger bones for larger dogs.
The big heavy Knuckle Bones or large shank bones are best for bigger dogs.
Dogs that are on concrete floors should be not be given the shank bones,
as they have been known to crack and splinter when dropped on concrete.
Aggressive chewers can actually cause bones to splinter, with splinters
getting stuck in the gums or worse yet ingested.
It is our suggestion when receiving a new bone for your dog that you look
at it carefully. If upon inspection you do not feel that it is the right
bone for your dog you can return the unused bone to us for a full refund
or credit on another bone or product.
Bones can be great for your dog, just make sure you have the right bone for
the right dog. We give our dogs bones and they really help their teeth. If
you are uncomfortable with the bones then we suggest that you try the Bully
Sticks. If you would like help choosing bones, please feel free to call or write.
Please contact us if you have ANY questions